Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) connects Mason’s multilingual students to services and resources to improve their English language and academic skills.

The LRC, in Room 1305 of the Global Center on the Fairfax Campus, provides:

  • Tutoring (English language and designated Pathway Program content areas).
  • Workshops for English grammar, pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, test prep.
  • Individual and group study areas, including multi-media centers.
  • A library of graded ESL readers, dictionaries, and other reference materials.
  • Testing of oral English language proficiency for Mason international graduate teaching assistants (GTA).
  • Access to technology, including computers, learning software, printer/copier/scanner

For the most up-to-date information on LRC services, go to Blackboard > Organizations > INTO Mason LRC (use this link to self-enroll if this is your first time accessing this site). 

Conversation Groups & Workshops

The LRC welcomes all multilingual students and international scholars to participate in its regular program of conversation groups and workshops which help participants to build fluency, vocabulary skills, and confidence to effectively engage in activities at George Mason University as well as in the wider community.   

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available to any Mason student Monday through Friday, throughout the spring, summer, and fall semesters. 

English language tutoring encompasses a range of skill areas, including:

  • Writing: Paper organization, developing thesis statements and supporting arguments, grammatical accuracy, paraphrasing/summarizing, vocabulary selection, and proper use of citations.
  • Speaking: Pronunciation, oral grammar, fluency, discourse competency, and presentation skills.
  • Listening: Strategies to increase comprehension in the classroom.
  • Reading: Tools to identify key themes and terms in academic texts.

Faculty or staff members can refer a student to the LRC by filling out our English language tutoring referral form (PDF) and emailing it to intosupport@gmu.edu.

LRC content tutors are available to help INTO Mason Pathway students in designated courses.

Students can set up an account through the WConLine scheduling system, then arrange appointments for tutoring sessions, either virtual or in-person. If you have not used this scheduling system before, choose "Click here to register" to create an account.